Novus Nexus™


Novus Nexus™, Inc. provides softwares (FluidNexus, AcuNexus, FluidConnection) and services to support Simulation-Based Design (SBD) via CAE abstract modeling with current emphasis on CFD applications. The software products and services from Novus Nexus™, Inc. enable its customers to efficiently perform CFD analysis as an integral part of the their product development process .

Novus Nexus™ unique approach of Abstract Modeling enables manufacturing companies to accelerate the product design & development in early stages. Our software introduces Simulation Based Design (SBD) principles which enable repeated simulations through automated procedures. The abstract modeling tool for CFD, FluidNexus/AcuNexus allows definition of the CFD problem independent of underlying geometry, automated mesh generation with boundary layer and export of ready to run simulation models for AcuSolve and Fluent.

Abstract Modeling enables experts to define the CFD problem and develop best fit process for simulation. This predefined process setup by experts can then efficiently be used by relatively non-expert resources.