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AcuNexus is same as FluidNexus except it supports only Acusolve and CAD models with maximum 9 parts or bodies. AcuNexus has been released as a part of Altair Partner Alliance program (APA) and available through APA licensing system.

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FluidNexus is advanced CFD pre-processor based on “abstract modeling technology” which allows definition of the CFD problem independent of underlying geometry through abstract entities. It automates CFD workflow in three simple steps-creating simulation model (real model created by CAD model and abstract model), automatic meshing, exporting solver input files (Acusolve/Fluent).

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EASA permits the rapid creation and deployment of custom, web-enabled applications without the need for skilled programmers, helping organizations save time and money by improving the efficiency of their processes. Custom applications built with EASA can be deployed over a corporate intranet or as Cloud applications over the internet.

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Novus is Latin for new and Nexus is Latin for connection. The graphical design for our logo has us in a distinct color to underscore our core principle “us”. Us is our ecosystem of customers, clients and partners. We approach all that we do to make us successful. Us is our mission. The connected spheres in the logo symbolize connection or nexus and illustrate the abstract modeling principle applied to CAE including the important many to one capability. Novus Nexus™, Inc. is founded by Dr. Bruce Webster who has more than 25+ years of experience in CAE. Dr. Bruce Webster along with staff of Novus Nexus™, Inc. are available to assist clients in expert CFD and CAE automation projects.

Dr. Bruce Webster is a passionate entrepreneur who wants to drive CAE simulations through innovative abstract modeling technology which will help organizations to fully automate their CAE workflows. He has spent 25 years working in different capacity to bring FluidNexus in market.


United States

Novus Nexus™, Inc.
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MI 48167, United States

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Novus Nexus™ India Private Limited
Flat no: 1, Tejonidhi Apartment,
Near Mitcon institute,
Balewadi, Pune -411045.